Fall at The Cottages of Carmel

There is a crisp bite in our fall mornings now, but by midday the central coast temperature has warmed up.  Our Indian summer has arrived.  Leaves are starting to turn orange and red and it is time to select pumpkins for the season.

Tuesday, October 9th 2018 we boarded our shuttle and drove out to the valley to Hacienda Hay and Feed.  Owners Chris and Jo Ann Olow had already done their fall magic.  Straw bales had been neatly stacked and a variety of decorative pumpkins have been set out for customers.  There was the normal collection of scarecrows, witches, ghosts, spiders all set up for Halloween.

Stillwater residents visited the animals (chickens, rabbits, goats and a tortoise) that live at Hacienda Hay and Feed.  We made our selection of pumpkins and made our way back to The Cottages of Carmel.  We are now prepared for fall and Halloween.

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