Family Member Testimonial – They treated our family as if we were extended family members.

While we take pride in the care and services provided to our residents, hearing from those we serve is our greatest testament.

Testimonial – Cheryl Trotter & Terry Trotter

April 16th, 2016

Dear Holly (Executive Director),

Our parents, Richard and Lee Trotter, moved into The Cottages of Carmel, in January 2015. We initially moved our parents out of their Pacific Grove residence, of almost 50 years, because our mother was beginning to show signs of Dementia and was frequently falling. Our father selected to move into the Cottages after looking at several assisted living facilities. He felt it was beautiful and clean, the food was exceptional, other residents were friendly, and it was in a convenient location. Initially, he had some reservations toward moving into an assisted living facility as he did not require additional support at that time. He knew, however, that our mom clearly needed some extra assistance and also needed to move out of their multi-level home. Shortly after they moved into the Cottages, our father stated “This was the best decision I’ve made for Lee (my mom) and myself in years!.” My brother, Terry, and I, and the entire family, wholeheartedly agreed.

Since my parents moved into the Cottage they have made many friends, participated in weekly lectures, played bridge, bingo and enjoyed the new friendships of other residents. Unfortunately, in August 2015 our father was unexpectedly diagnosed with terminal cancer and passed away in December. During our father’s short illness, he received supportive palliative care from Hospice (in his room at the Cottages) and also received kind, professional, and compassionate care by the Cottages entire staff. They treated our family as if we were extended family members and were available to provide any type of support we needed. For that, our family will always be grateful to everyone at the Cottages for their caring support.

Today, our mother continues to reside at the Cottages and we feel nothing but gratitude that she’s already established many meaningful friendships and has a built in community of caring people around her. As a family, we feel thankful that she has so many kind and professional staff members to attend to her needs and provide her with on going support. Our mom has continued to participate in daily activities, and is often a winner at bingo! Since our mom has lived at the Cottages, our family has observed that her dementia seems to be slowing in progress. We attribute much of her well being to the positive stimulation she receives on a daily basis by everyone who works and resides at the Cottages. Our entire family would like to thank everyone for the loving care provided to our father, and continue to offer our mother. We are fortunate to have such a wonder assisted living facility in our community.

Cheryl Trotter & Terry Trotter

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