This is the newest assisted living facility in the Carmel area. The buildings and grounds are excellent, in close proximity to the Barnyard and The Crossroads of Carmel which has shopping, restaurants, doctors and other necessary amenities. The Cottages also has it’s own dining, and beauty shop facilities on site. The staff has experienced some turnover since the facility opened which seems to have stablized in the past few months. Residents are well cared for by qualified staff who provide everything from companionship to assistance with dressing, bathing and other activities of daily living. They also provide a seperate memory care component for clients who may require medication or other reminders and structured activities to maintain optimal brain health. The units are private, spacious and rental based. The price range is well justified by the quality of the physical site, location, support services and loving attention provided by the staff.

Review by Cares4Elders

The Cottages of Carmel is still new. It has one level. Tony likes that he has a nice shower and bathroom, because that’s really important for him. It has nice and decent-sized closets. The light really comes through the windows, so it’s warm and inviting. The staff are great. They have great piano players that come in. Today when I left, they had two singers doing Christmas songs. Their food is phenomenal. They do exercises, pilates, and they bring in all kinds of musical instruments. They have lots of good activities. There’s a nurse on staff. If he needs something, he just pulls the cord or push the button on his little pendant necklace; and he’s safe at any time of the day or night, which was a great relief. It has a memory care too, so you can just transfer if things get worse. I would recommend this facility to other people looking for the same kind of care. It is in a good location; there are stores all around.

Review by Amber10

I was impressed with the person I spoke to because she was lovely, very knowledgeable, and very experienced. I would have nothing negative to say about The Cottages at all. The one unit that was available for me to see that day was small. I saw a one and a two-bedroom, and they provide a weekly room service. They have a lot of activities that I would be interested in engaging in. The place is immaculate. The location was very tempting for me because you are free to walk out the door. You could go across to a charming and small shopping center. The food here is lovely. I would recommend it. I would say that it is the best that we have to offer here in the Carmel-Monterey area.

Review by Caring102145450

Great place, staff is friendly and professional, residents were all alert and cheerful. I was there July 27, 2017, presenting one of Classical Guitar Alive’s Music In Medicine performance with 3-time Grammy-winning film score composer Mark Mancina, and the staff was very friendly and professional, and the residents were cheerful and engaged. Highly recommended.

Review by Tony Morris

Great place to be! No cooking, no cleaning, no yard work! Time to read, watch football (Go Giants!), and enjoy the great weather, go to the beach, or whatever.

Review by Bob Flynn
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A little expensive. Co-mingles assisted living and memory care for events sometimes.  Requires $2,500 deposit. Currently we’d be at top of list.

Review by A Place For Mom Customer