Teacher Appreciation Basket

Residents Jan Barker and Bea Moorman along with Community Life Director, Kathy Odom sat down to make a “Teacher Appreciation Basket” for a well deserving teacher from the local area. This basket is created as part of The Cottage of Carmel’s occupational well-being (community outreach program) one of the “Seven Dimensions of Well-Being”.

The ladies filled the basket with goodies for a teacher. There were the normal teacher things (reward stickers, note tablets and memo pads). It also had survival items such as Lifesavers and chocolate candies for a quick pick-me-up for a long day. Lastly, there were personal spa treats for our teacher after a busy day at school. Scented candles, bath salts, and body bath gels, as well as an eye mask to help relax any puffy eyes.

Science teacher Susan Bradley from the near by Carmel Middle school was nominated by one of our residents daughter’s son who has Mrs. Bradley as a teacher. Mrs. Bradley was selected as the recipient of our “Teacher Appreciation Basket”. Many students have passed through Mrs. Bradley’s science room door over the years. Some of these students are now young adults. Mrs. Bradley said one of her most satisfying rewards as being a teacher is when a past student returns to visit her as a productive young adult.

Thank you Jan, Bea and Kathy for your help in putting our “Teacher Appreciation Basket” together and thank you Mrs. Bradley for all you do for inspiring your students!

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