Trip to Presidio of Monterey Museum

It was a beautiful autumn afternoon. The residents loaded the shuttle bus and off we went to the Presidio of Monterey Museum. We had a docent who was full of information about the Presidio Museum and the local area.

The museum had wonderful pictures of early military operations in Monterey. There was a model of a ship and lots of military uniforms. There was a display of a horse with full military saddle, bridle, saddle bags and canteen. The Presidio had a cavalry unit stationed there. Lots of horses and mules.

The statue on the hill of the Presidio overlooking Monterey Harbor was planned to have Commodore John Drake Sloat on the top, but there was a accident at the foundry while being made. So the American Eagle was placed there instead.

The history that was shared by the docent made our residents share stories of their military lives. Everyone had a great time enjoying the history of Presidio of Monterey.

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